The TN visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is ideal for individuals who are citizens of either Canada or Mexico and seek to enter the United States to work in a professional capacity on a temporary basis.  The TN or TN-1 visa was created as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which now exists in modified form as the United States-Canada-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (USMCA).

TN's have advantages over other types of visas depending on your particular needs:

  • TN's can be obtained faster than other visas
  • TN's are suitable for employers that need to quickly hire a qualifying employee
  • TN's are valid for up to 3 years and can be renewed indefinitely
  • TN's can be obtained at the border
  • Spouse and dependents can be admitted with the TN visa holder (and receive a TD visa)

Disadvantages of the TN Visa include:

  • TN's are only valid for specified professional occupations
  • TN spouses and dependents cannot lawfully work in the US
  • TN visas are nonimmigrant visas and this can negatively affect individuals who later seek lawful permanent resident status in the US through a green card

Canadian and Mexican citizens qualify for the TN visa.  Additionally, the job/business activity of the applicant must be approved.  You must be qualified to work in the profession and have a job offer from a US employer that is temporary in nature (up to the maximum authorized 3 year period).

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